Benefits of a Virtual Receptionist

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Why Your Business Needs a Virtual Receptionist - 10 Reasons

Hiring a virtual receptionist can seem like an unnecessary expense, but as a small business, it’s one of the best ways to grow your business and also become more professional. This is important when it comes to growing your small business because appearances matter, and creating a more efficient work process will ultimately make you and your staff more productive. So in this post, we’re going to be covering 10 reasons why your small business should be hiring a virtual receptionist.


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1. Your business continues functioning out of hours

Most businesses need to have out-of-office hours where it’s no longer operating. However, with the help of a virtual assistant, you’ll always have someone ready to respond to customers and clients regardless of the time of day it is. This is excellent if you have a lot of international customers and can’t offer assistance to all of them due to the time zone differences.

2. Your calls will always be answered

Your calls will always be answered regardless if you’re in the office or not. You’ll never miss a client call ever again and even if the virtual receptionist isn’t qualified to answer the call, you’ll at least have someone ready to leave you a message. This is perfect for anyone that runs their business remotely and has to attend a lot of client meetings. This might mean that they’re unable to answer calls at all times of the day, hence why a virtual receptionist is so useful.

3. It helps free up a lot of your time

As a small business, it’s incredibly important to free up as much time as possible so that you can focus on important growth aspects of your business. For instance, you can spend more time developing products and marketing them instead of answering customer support calls if you have a virtual receptionist to rely on. Managing your time correctly is the key to any successful startup, so we suggest considering the use of a virtual receptionist if you’re trying to grow.

4. It gives your business a professional appearance

Having a receptionist means that your business maintains a professional appearance. Having someone dedicated to answering your calls will prevent your business from feeling like a rag-tag startup and give it the appearance of a fully-fledged business. Appearing professional makes a huge difference when you’re trying to attract customers and new clients. If you have a receptionist answering your calls, then it’ll make a good first impression on anyone that is engaging with your business for the first time. We highly recommend the use of a virtual receptionist if you’re trying to bring your business out of the startup phases.

5. You can improve your customer service experience

A lot of small businesses fail when it comes to the customer service experience. They fail to deliver much assistance to their customers and instead rely on knowledge bases or guides to do most of the work. This can be effective at the beginning, but as your customer base grows, so will their needs. In a case like this, it’s vital that you offer improved customer service options such as social media support and also phone support via the help of a virtual receptionist.

6. You save money on customer service expenses

Customer service typically involves investing in several staff members to learn about your products and provide consistent support. However, the staff you hire won’t be able to work at all times and it’s more expensive to hire and train someone than it is to just hire a virtual assistant. As a small business, you should be focusing on saving money and making the most of the capital you gain, hence why it’s so critical that you save money on essentials such as customer service. In the future, it’s entirely possible to scale up and hire full-time support employees, but as a small business, a virtual receptionist is good enough.

7. You’ll get used to working with outsourced and freelance help

Working with outsourced and freelance help is a common strategy when it comes to growing your business. As a result, you’ll want to get used to the process, and that’s where working with a virtual receptionist can help. Learning to calculate the return on investment of outsourced or freelance help is important, and it also helps you manage your financial situation since it’s a predictable monthly or weekly expense.

8. You learn the value of having a dedicated receptionist

A dedicated receptionist is an employee that many small businesses deem to be not worth the money. However, by using a virtual receptionist, you’re essentially trialling the use of a receptionist to see how they can help you. The benefits that a virtual receptionist offers are too good to pass up, and using a virtual receptionist can help convince you that it’s important to hire a dedicated receptionist in the future when your business grows.

9. You help keep your business more organized

A virtual receptionist can help your business stay organized and grow. This is because you’re spending less time trying to manage multiple things and your virtual receptionist can help you manage certain things like client meetings. You also won’t need to delegate the customer support task to your existing staff members which could potentially create confusion within the business.

10. You can have a receptionist despite being an online-only business

As more and more companies switch to an online-only business model, it’s becoming common to hire on-demand services like virtual receptionists, freelancers and outsourced assistance to help you run your company. A receptionist is typically someone that works with a retail business or an office, but even online-only businesses can have a virtual receptionist that handles everything from answering calls to scheduling meetings for you.


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