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Promoting your business is crucial if you want to try and draw in new customers and grow as a company. There are plenty of ways you can do this, but you always have to think about the return on investment. Some ideas may help you promote your business to a broad audience, but they drain you of a lot of money.

Having said that, other ideas can be far more cost-effective - and social media is one of them. Use different types of social media to promote your business, and you can reach a wider audience without needing to splash the cash. You can take various approaches, but here are five incredibly cheap ways to promote and advertise your company using social media:


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1.Use hashtags on Twitter and Instagram

Twitter and Instagram are two of the best social media platforms for marketing a business. One of the main reasons for this is the hashtag system. For those that are unaware, hashtags are basically tags that people use to search for specific things. As an example, if you type #marketing into the search engines on Twitter/Instagram, then you’ll see loads of posts with this tag attributed to them.

The idea with hashtags is that you can use them to find your target audience. Think about your business, and think about hashtags that are relevant to you. It’s a lot like keyword research for search engines - consider the hashtags your target market are likely to be looking at. If you use around three of these on your posts, then you instantly promote your business to more people. Even those that don’t follow your accounts will see your posts! The best part is, it’s completely free to do.

2.Pay for Instagram ads

All social media platforms allow you to pay to place your adverts on them, but Instagram offers the best return. This is because an Instagram ad will seamlessly blend in with a users feed, meaning it’s not that invasive. As such, it’s a subtle way of encouraging them to click the ad and see what you’re about.

The cost is worked out per click, which means the more people that click, the more it costs you. But, it’s still very cheap compared to more conventional advertising methods. Plus, the ROI is superb as people that click your ads will likely be interested in purchasing what you’re promoting. Also, there’s the added benefit of getting your business in the eyes of so many people who may not know you exist. Even if they don’t click on the advert, they may still take note of your business and search for you later on. Ironically, this is beneficial to you as it means you don’t pay for a click!

3.Work with influencers to promote your company

Influencer marketing is all the rage because of how cost-effective it is for businesses. The concept is this; you work with people who have social media influence, and they promote your business to their followers. In exchange, you might give them a free product that they can promote, or you pay them a small fee.

The beauty of this is that you can get people with thousands of followers to promote your business for you. Plus, it really doesn’t cost much at all, particularly when compared to other ideas. The vital point is ensuring you work with influencers who have a similar audience to you. This way, you know that your business is being promoted to a large group of people that will be interested in you. Here’s an obvious example; a fitness apparel company working with a fitness influencer to promote their clothing.

4.Run competitions to gain followers

Competitions are such a cheap way of promoting your business across different social media platforms. It’s effective on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The idea is the same across all platforms; you run a competition where people can win a terrific prize. This could be a selection of free products, a free subscription to your service for a year - whatever you think is most likely to encourage people to enter.

How does this promote your business? Well, it all stems from how people can enter the competition. Make them follow your accounts, share the post, like it and comment on it. Instantly, this increases the engagement on your competition post as lots of people are commenting and liking it. But, the main thing is that you’re going to gain followers from this. Plus, if a hundred people enter, then you get a hundred new followers and a hundred shares. This means so many more people will see your business and may like what they see. Yes, you’re giving things away for free, but only one or two people have to win. So, it ends up being very cheap when you think about all the exposure you gain.

5.Post content that aligns with trends

As of writing this, Game of Thrones Season 8 has started airing. This might mean nothing to you, but it means a whole lot to everyone on social media. The show is trending, and plenty of companies are taking advantage of this to promote their business. They’re producing content that plays off this trend and uses hashtags for it. They’re finding ways to make the trend relevant to the business, in a bid to promote to a much wider audience and gain lots of exposure.

This is just one example of many where businesses use trending topics for promotional purposes. So, take this advice onboard and create social media content that aligns with certain trends. Make sure the content still makes sense to your business, and you could see an increase in engagement and followers. It’s a genius idea, and it doesn’t cost a penny.

These five ideas give you chances to promote your business across a variety of social media platforms. Some are free, while some require just a tiny bit of investment. But, they’re all cheap and cost-effective ideas that provide an excellent return on investment. So, give them a go, and you will be surprised at how quickly they improve things for your marketing strategy.

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