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If you are running a small business, then you know that going online will make you visible to large swathes of audiences, something you might find hard coming by in the advertising methods used in the brick and mortar world. Your first priority will be to drive traffic to the site and hopefully generate a big enough buzz to convert clicks into sales, and this is usually a long-term project. Organic methods of driving traffic will work for some people, but they can only take you so far. If you are looking to benefit in the long haul, then you need to understand the benefits of switching to Pay Per Click advertising.

Below is a look at some of these advantages:

Cost effective

If you are using Google Adwords, for example, you only get to pay for what users actually click on. This means that even if 5000 visitors visit a site where your ads are located, you will only pay for those who have actually clicked through the ad and not everyone that has seen it. Let's assume that 5000 visitors make their way to the site the ad is placed on but only 10 of them get to click on it. If the cost of a single click is set at £0.7,then this means you only get to pay £7 for services rendered. This is very pocket friendly, especially for a business running on a tight budget, as is the case with all small startups and regular mum and dad businesses. Bing also rolls out its set of ads that follow pretty much the same schedule. According to market studies, the average business makes £2 for every dollar spent on ads across the board.

Exposure to targeted audience

In many cases, regular advertising is comparable to taking shots in the dark. You never really know where you are going with it or whether your targeted demographic will get the intended message. On the contrary ,PPC is cleverly designed to appeal to a very specific audience. For example, Facebook advertising allows the client to target specific groups and appeal to very specific entities rather than having a broad strategy that just assumes some or most of the intended users will get the message. PPC also allows for re-targeting, where you can use trends and user behavior to push some ads their way.

PPC saves time

Pay Per Click Advertising is very hands-off. All you have to do is place your order and sit back. Since small businesses thrive on time management, other approaches such as posting on social media channels may not be the most appropriate methods especially if you are running thin on resources and stretched out when it comes to labor. PPC does not appeal to a broad audience; it simply serves your ads to the markets of your choice using the keywords you specify for your business.

Free branding

The concept of PPC works the same way, whether you are using Google Ads, Bing Ads or Facebook; you only get to pay for what the users click on. Supposing they do not, then you still win, because the fact that ads are not clicked on does not mean they are not visible to potential user. For you, it is a dose of free brand visibility. This is the sort of exposure that businesses in the brick and mortar world spend thousands and thousands of dollars on.

The impact of PPC is measurable

Pay Per click advertising gives you a measure of precisely what you are doing. You will know what you are spending, your ROI over a specific amount of time as well as the clicks users have made. As a result, you are able to track your progress and make the requisite adjustments to keep your goal in view. PPC campaigns also generate reports and regularly highlight various key performance indices(KPIs) for your campaign.

At the mument, about 30% of small businesses are using PPC. Google Adwords alone is being used by around 1.5 million businesses. This is because PPC has proved to be a powerful, measurable and cost-effective approach to advertising. This is especially so for small businesses that are most of the times operating on lean budgets in hitherto uncharted waters.


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