What is a Virtual Receptionist?

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What is a Virtual Receptionist?

Growing your business means being open to innovations that could make things easier for your organization. Attitude and skills are both needed to offer your customers the best service that would satisfy or, better yet, exceed their expectations. Customer experience starts from the time they get in touch with your business. This is one reason why telephone is an essential tool to create a memorable experience with your prospective clients. With this, an excellent receptionist plays a bigger role in building a positive company image that would impress and leave a mark to your customers.

How can this be possible? With the growing needs of companies in handling all the calls coming in on a day-to-day basis, getting a Virtual Receptionist is the only efficient and cost-effective solution to this concern. A Virtual Receptionist is a live telephone answering service where a professional receptionist who is not physically in your office takes the calls for your business. It's a service that is offered by a third-party provider. Thus, eliminating the need of hiring a permanent employee to fill the receptionist position, and ultimately, the need to pay salary and benefits. No more job postings, hassle interviews, and training, which could take a lot from a business owner’s time.


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The cost in getting a Virtual Receptionist is controlled and monitored exactly how the business owner wants it to be. What's special about getting a Virtual Receptionist is that they're paid based on the calls received for the day or the agreed period. Therefore, you are sure where your money is going. The Virtual Receptionist is a real person, not a machine, and your customers won't have the slightest idea that this person isn't really at your front desk. Well-trained professional Virtual Receptionists handle all calls based on the instructions of the business owner. The main role is to address basic concerns that are received by the company such as inquiries regarding business address, contact details, product information, and other general questions about the company. All your calls will be attended to 24/7, which is something that your in-house receptionist won’t be able to match unless you’re willing to hire at least 3 staff that will be working on a rotating shift. Definitely, there are no missed opportunities when it comes to outsourcing telephone answering service.

Whether you have 1 employee or 100 employees, all of them can be recipients of the call transfers. The company will be assigned an exclusive number where calls will be directed to the Virtual Receptionists. Clients can call this number directly or you can divert any existing number to the provided number. Nonetheless, all calls will be handled immediately, professionally, and effectively. The performance of the Virtual Receptionists can be monitored through the call logs, which can be accessed online by the client. You can also check the statistics, as well as plan ahead future call allocations should there be peak seasons where the company is expecting for more calls.

If there would be changes that the client wants to implement, he just needs to log in and update the details anytime of the day. Also, if there are specific instructions like calls that should be taken only by specific personnel, the business owner can design this and the Virtual Receptionist can automatically transfer the calls to this specific personnel. Aside from call transfers, Virtual Receptionists can also send messages via SMS or email; it can even be sent to multiple email addresses or mobile numbers.


With the personalized options and excellent service from a well-trained Virtual Receptionist, it is certainly useful especially to catch up with the company's required call volumes. Some may even argue that it’s not about the quantity of calls, but more on the quality of service. Nevertheless, you are assured to get both when you decide to avail the telephone answering service offered by Virtual Receptionist London. You’re certain that your company can establish a solid and powerful image that can attract prospective customers the time they dial your number.

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