Why is Phone Answering Service Still Relevant Today?

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Why is Phone Answering Service Still Relevant Today?

Why is Phone Answering Service Still Relevant Today?

In the business world, employee productivity is measured in terms of staff output in a specific period of time. This aspect is one of the most important factors that a company should focus on. If an employee is completely utilized to his capacity, it is surely beneficial to the company. Also, if we can manage them to ensure that they are doing their job properly, there is no other direction for the company but to succeed. On the other hand, if time is not managed well by the employees or if there are many segues happening in-between, achieving productivity may not be easy.

To be able to come up with acceptable workforce productivity, it is necessary that employees should know how to manage their time wisely and as much as possible, avoid any interruptions. On a normal day, there’s no task more distractible than answering incoming telephone calls. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford the luxury of having an in-house receptionist, especially startups and SMEs.


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Every business owner wants to ensure that their personnel is doing the job that they are hired to do. In short, these are the actual job functions that are supposed to consume most of their time in an eight-hour work schedule. But before we can demand this from our employees, we also have to do our part and avoid giving them excessive, additional task that would limit them from accomplishing their work.

The management should do its responsibility in terms of giving their employees a workplace that is conducive to working effectively. This is why outsourcing phone answering service is still relevant in today’s time. By hiring a Virtual Receptionist, you’re not only doing your team a big favor, but your business as well. As a business owner, you shouldn’t consider this move as an added expense, but rather as an investment, which could deliver countless business opportunities the moment you decide to start with the phone answering service.

Still not convinced that your business would be a lot better with a Virtual Receptionist? Just imagine the normal working day of your business, phone calls continuously come in and employees are left without any choice but to stop whatever they’re doing to answer them. This takes away some of their precious time, and work momentum as well, that could’ve been used for other more important tasks.


Unfortunately, if your business decides to ignore the incoming phone calls, your organization will be judged as having poor customer service. It would also be a big risk and highly not advisable to do time-blocking as a solution to your company’s lack of in-house receptionist, i.e., for a specific time, your business will block the calls coming in. What if it's a business opportunity or an urgent call that should be addressed as soon as possible? With a phone answering service, professional and cheerful Virtual Receptionists receive your calls.

With a telephone answering service set up, receptionists are not physically present in the office, but the customers won’t have any idea that they are not at your front desk. You may opt to use your existing telephone number or the service provider – like Virtual Receptionist London – may provide you with a unique local number which will be the number we know your organization by.

Now that all your incoming calls will be transferred automatically to the Virtual Receptionists, they will be given the standard company spiel and frequently asked questions with responses, which will be their basis of reply. The business owners can check the performances of the calls answered in a day. Best of all, the customers only get to pay the service by the number of calls received in a day or a specific period of time. Calls are addressed 24/7. If the business owner wants specific instructions like call transferring or message transmission via email or SMS, they can personalize the service according to the needs and demands of the company.

With telephone answering service, employees can focus on more important things and the company still won’t miss any business opportunities. Employee productivity is expected to be achieved in its full capacity since they can have all the time to spend on their main job functions and have the peace of mind that someone is still entertaining calls at the same time.

Try the Virtual Receptionist service offered by Virtual Receptionist London now and see for yourself how it can change the way you operate your business.

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