Why Lawyers in London Prefer to Use Call Answering Service?

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Why Lawyers in London Prefer to Use Call Answering Service?

Why Lawyers in London Prefer to Use Call Answering Service?

In any legal office, one of the most important features that you can have is clarity. Particularly in London, with so much opportunity and competition, how you come across and the way that you sound is so important to landing clients.

That being said, many lawyers aren’t the most persuasive on the phone. You might be able to turn the opinion of a jury, but can you really make sure that you convince someone to come down for an appointment?

It’s not uncommon for a lawyer to lack that interpersonal touch. In a bid to help you get over that problem, we recommend that you hire a London-based call answering service. There are numerous reasons why a lawyer might prefer to use this service, and these include:


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Most lawyers are pressed for time. They spend a lot of time compiling data to read into to find out how to best win a case for a client. This creates long and lasting hours, the kind that leaves you very unlikely to want to answer the phone. Rather than chasing people away with the wrong attitude, a Virtual Receptionist service will make sure you have all the help that you need to avoid that problem.

It allows you to keep working on the problem at hand while ensuring that you follow along in the right path. Over time, you will begin to get more used to the idea of taking the odd call but most of your time should be spent preparing for cases and nothing else!


As a lawyer, you need to have a clear and consistent message. With your head in the books and sometimes not quite in the mindset for answering the phone, you can say the wrong things and make a poor impression. If you want to set the tone for consistency, then a call answering service allows you to make sure you always have that friendly, open nature to your every call taken.

Also, you become more consistent in terms of answering times. Someone will likely make a few calls to try and catch you, but if you are too busy they will look to another group entirely. A Virtual Receptionist service in London allows you to capture as many leads as possible, helping to vastly improve your rate of client retention without having to spend all day tethered to the phone.


In the legal world, getting the message out and then sticking to the plan can be tough. All manner of issue can go wrong at any point in the day, so reliability becomes very important indeed. You can make the most of the reliability of a call answering service, though.

Now, you can avoid missing out on an important call or get help to reschedule a meeting because you’ve been held up elsewhere.

Add in the fact that you pay far less for a call answering service than you do in costs for a full-time receptionist (or the time lost answering yourself) and hiring a service like this should be a no-brainer.

If you want your day to be built around the legal side of things and doing what you do best, hire someone to help you man the phone day in, day out!

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