Why Your Startup Company in London Should Hire a Phone Answering Service?

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Why Your Startup Company in London Should Hire a Phone Answering Service?

Why Your Startup Company in London Should Hire a Phone Answering Service?

When starting up a new business in London, you should be well aware of the numerous challenges that wait around the corner for you. Dealing with a new startup means investing as much time and effort as you can into getting it off the ground. Sadly, since this is a startup, you have a two-fold problem:

• One, people see you as a newbie. They’ll be looking for any reason they can to look elsewhere. Since you are so busy setting up the business, if you miss the call or don’t come across perfectly, they’ll go elsewhere.

• Two, people will hear your inexperience. If you are answering the call yourself, you will likely find that you don’t have the sound and the politeness to make sure you come across in the correct manner intended.


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These issues will stop you from progressing as a business – it’s that simple. To avoid that problem, we recommend that you consider hiring a phone answering service in London. There are two primary reasons why you should consider hiring a Virtual Receptionist:

The Cost

To begin with, a startup is usually limited in funding. Your business is likely to have a budget that has to be quite rigidly adhered to. This means that while this is another expense, it’s much, much cheaper than hiring someone to do the job for you full-time. You probably cannot afford a five-figure salary per year to a staff member, but you can surely afford the four-figures maximum per year that a phone answering service could cost.

Money matters, and in the early days you want to be doing everything you can to grow sustainably. This means keeping your staff only within the core group so that you can concentrate more on your work and your startup’s progress than answering the phone. Since this gives you the time that you need to work on how you come across, you can begin to make a huge difference to how your business is being perceived in general.

The Quality

Aside from the monetary side of things, you will want to come across in the right way. If you are busy in the middle of some website coding or you are trying to organize a group meeting, you may not be able to focus on your task if your phone keeps on ringing. People who are concentrating on somewhere else will feel really uncomfortable answering the phone to take enquiries – first impressions count, and a particularly dry tone will surely see someone go elsewhere.

With that in mind, you should be ready to bring in a Virtual Receptionist to your London-based business. They can be far politer and this will make it much easier for you to land the right kind of process moving forward.

So, set the tone for the years ahead and make sure you are in the process of giving your startup the best chance of success. With the right people on board, that success soon becomes a whole lot more plausible!

Still contemplating on the idea of hiring a Virtual Receptionist for your startup, you may want to read “Why Outsourcing Call Answering Service is Better than Hiring an In-House Receptionist?”

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